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Clive Kay and his wife Enriqueta had their lunch interrupted by a local resident on a recent trip to Botswana. The elephant obviously heard that a renowned wildlife artist was visiting and came to ask if he could be featured in one of Clive's paintings.

Clive Kay

Renowned wildlife artist, Clive Kay was born and raised on a 4,000 acre farm in Zimbabwe.  Growing up in Africa afforded Clive wide-ranging exposure to the vast array of animals within their natural habitat.  Clive credits his Dad with giving him an understanding and love of the natural world. He spent many magic moments with him in the bush and this shaped how he feels about what he does today.

Clive has been painting since 1964.  His family moved to South Africa in 1965 and this setting further influenced Clive’s detailed understanding of wildlife. In 1973 Clive moved to England and in 1975 to Canada and worked as a personnel manager.  In Canada, he met and spent time with internationally known artist, Robert Bateman.  Robert provided invaluable advice and encouraged Clive to pursue an art career full time. In 1983, Clive left his personnel job and returned to Africa and began painting full time.   1986 found Clive returning to Canada and initiating exhibitions in Toronto and New York. He has also displayed his art work at many Safari Club International functions and these members have collected his work for the better part of 30 years. 

Clive and his wife Enriqueta travel to the African bush often to refresh his memory and look for new ideas. Almost all of his paintings are based on personal experience with this fantastic natural world. 

Clive has completed numerous commissioned works over the years but by far the highlight of his career was the inaugural painting for the opening of The Animal Kingdom commissioned by The Walt Disney Company in 1998.  This commission was followed a year later by a second painting “The Tree of Life #2”, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Animal Kingdom. Finally, “The Tree of Life #3” was commissioned for the fifth anniversary in 2003.   

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Zebra Resting with Yellow Billed Oxpecker birds.

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