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      Reflections of Yesterday, founded in 1998, is proud to offer the vast collection of Dr. William A. Brady. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by him. Only a small portion of this very large and eclectic collection is listed.

Reflections of Yesterday can meet all your collecting needs. From that hard to find 500 home run signed baseball to original artwork by world renowned Sports Artist Bill Dotson. If you have a favorite movie star or TV personality they most likely reside with us. Past Presidents and Poets, Authors and Artists, and Greats and almost greats are here for you to make a part of your life. Cartoon Art and original sketches can bring a smile to your face. If the Smurfs are your desire, a wide selection of original animated cartoon cells will take away the blues. For the true sports fan photos, balls, helmets and pucks from many Hall of Famers in Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Hockey and Boxing can be found. If you live in the fast track then look to our racing page for that special Nascar driver. Don't just listen to your favorite music, display a signed photo of that country western, rock and roll, jazz or easy listening icon for all to see.

We welcome your input and comments. We have a large inventory available not presently listed on this site. You may contact us at, if you didn't find your personal favorite piece from the past.


** R-of-Y watermark is on web pictures only. This mark will not appear on the original item you receive.


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Greene, Greenwood, White and Holmes (The Steel Curtain) Football

Pittsburgh Pirates Willie Stargell

Albert Bell Original Art by Bill Dotson

Blondie Origninal cartoon art