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      Enter the world of Brenda Brady, a multi media artist, who has recently focused her talents on Pen and Ink renditions. Her African Art has a very personal meaning as she observed, photographed, and studied African animals in Zimbabwe. At one point, while pursuing a leopard, she was knocked to the ground by it. Fortunately she was not seriously injured by the leopard. That experience was rivaled only by being in the African bush at night and having a leopard growl and pass within 5 yards of her. Thus the inspiration for "Out of the Darkness". All lithographs are signed, numbered and matted. The Leopard and Tiger lithographs have original coloring to the eyes giving them a unique and haunting appearance. These desirable works of art would be a great addition to any home, office or as a special gift. Brenda is currently working on additional African game in pen and ink. Commissioned work can be discussed by e-mailing Reflections of Yesterday.
** R-of-Y watermark is on web pictures only. This mark will not appear on the original item you receive.


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Young Kudu

Out of the Darkness