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      Life Masks played a very large behind the scenes role in the making of a movie. Life Masks are used to perfect the makeup to give stars that certain look. They also serve as the palate to develop the special effects for some of movies most memorable characters. Just visualize, the stars below, having the molding material placed on their face, possibly straining to breathe while waiting for the material to dry. Most of the masks made from the original mold do not survive. This is your opportunity to own a very special item and proudly display it for all you friends to admire. “Here’s looking at you, Kid.”
** R-of-Y watermark is on web pictures only. This mark will not appear on the original item you receive.


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John Candy

James Dean

Buster Keaton

Drew Barrymore

The Greatest Muhammad Ali

Christopher Lloyd

Tommy Lee Jones

Boris Karloff

Basil Rathbone

Val Kilmer

Leonard Nimoy

Lon Chaney Jr

Dustin Hoffman

Malcolm McDowell

Elizabeth Taylor