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      If your collection includes past presidents, senators, congressmen, first ladies, military heroes, Supreme Court justices or world leaders, you may find those missing from your collection on the page below. Historical events have given rise to the famous and infamous. The assassination of John F. Kennedy brought Officer Nick McDonald to the limelight and made him an unlikely hero as the capture of Lee Harvey Oswald. Residents of the White House, Pentagon, other United States government offices in Washington, D.C. and International officials have created their own places in history and may be part of our inventory.
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Bess Truman signed letter

Mamie Eisenhower signed letter

M. Nick McDonald

George Schultz

James Baker

Robert Bork

Clarence Thomas

Anthony Kennedy

Arlen Spector

Casper Weinberger

Gerald R. Ford

George Stephenopolus

Bob Packwood

Bob Dole

Robert McNamara

John Glenn

Yassir Arafat

Shirley Chisholm

Civil War Receipt for ordinance